As Muslims, we should always strive to improve . Following are some tips on the subject:


-Acquire Knowledge of Islam (from authentic sources)

– Ask Allah for forgiveness, without delay, if out of human weakness, a sin is committed.

–Accept your mistake and apologize.

-Be prompt in your Islamic duties.

-Be humble and polite.

-Keep company with righteous people.

-Serve people.

-Manage your time wisely between yourself, your family, work and Islamic duties.

-Always thank Allah for His favors.

-Always forgive people. Remember if you forgive people, Allah will forgive you.

-Try to live with less, because there is no end to more.

-Settle all disputes, debts in this world.

-Always remember that, Allah is watching you in public or in private.

-Always check your income for any haram sources.

-Always remember, on the Day of Judgment, you’ll be asked for all your actions.

Do not

-Do not harm anyone with your words or actions.

-Do not love fame or money.

-Do not, excessively, worry about the best of food and clothes.

-Do not laugh excessively.

-Do not talk unnecessary.

-Do not argue with others even if you know you are right.

-Do not exaggerate your good deeds.

-Do not find other’s faults.

-Do not form a wrong opinion about others.

-Do not get upset in any calamity, be patient. It is a test from Allah.

– Do not reveal other’s faults, sins, weaknesses.

-Do not compete with each other in materialistic things.

-Do not live to eat, but eat to live.

If you find, any of the above, difficult to do ask Allah to help you.

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