In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His messenger

Superstition is defined as a belief or practice that some action not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome. Superstition is found in almost all cultures and faiths. However, Islam strictly prohibits any type of superstitious beliefs.

Let me give you some examples of such beliefs:

  1. Believing in the words of a palm reader.
  2. Believing that an itch in a palm will bring good fortune.
  3. Believing that something bad will happen if a black cat passes in front of you
  4. Believing that the movement of stars will bring good fortune.
  5. Believing in horoscope.
  6. Believing that hearing the sound of an owl will bring bad news.
  7. Believing that a piece of cloth with some money wrapped on the arm will protect a
    traveler (imam zaman in urdu).
  8. Believing that giving certain names to children will bring good or bad fortune.
  9. Believing that some present day Muslims are guaranteed Jannah.
  10. Believing that wearing rings with some stones will ward off evil, will bring good health or
    good fortune.
  11. Believing that eclipse of the Sun or the Moon will bring harm to an unborn child.
  12. Believing that wearing an amulet (Tawiz), a black thread or a black dot on the face will
    protect from an evil eye.
  13. Believing that some spoken words or actions will have good or bad consequences.(naik
    or bura shagoon in urdu)
  14. Believing that another man, woman, child, is responsible for bringing a setback in life.
  15. Believing that any illness, calamity, hardship is a punishment from Allah Almighty for
    your sins
  16. Believing that a particular number, like 13, will bring bad luck. In some countries no. 13
    is not assigned to a floor in the buildings and Friday the 13 th will bring bad luck.
  17. Believing that some objects, like horse shoe, will bring good fortune.
  18. Believing that other humans have knowledge of the future.
  19. Believing that holding Qur’an on a bride’s head will bless or protect her.
    These are just few examples. There may be more depends upon your culture
    Lastly, I ask my Muslim brothers and sisters to see if you have any such superstitious
    beliefs and you MUST erase such beliefs from your lives, because all such beliefs are
    considered SHIRK and Shirk is the greatest sin of all and is unforgivable if you die in that
    state without repentance. May Allah Almighty protect us from such beliefs.

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