In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His messenger

We go out of our ways to please our supervisors, spouses, children, friends, but we tend to forget to please Allah Almighty. We can please Allah Almighty by doing voluntary prayers, especially, salatul Tahajjud, voluntary fasting, charity etc. Following are the months, dates and rewards for voluntary fasting.

MONTH / DATES                                                                         REWARD

MUHARRAM–  Fast of Ashurah is of three levels:               EXPIATION FOR LAST

1. To fast on the 9th, 10th &11th                                               YEAR

2. To fast on the 9th & 10th                                                      

3. To fast only on the 10th                                  

SHAB’AN- To fast as much as possible                                 OUR DEEDS ARE RAISED

                                                                                                TO ALLAH

SHAWWAL – Six days after Ramadan,                                 EQUIVALENT OF                                                                                                            

continously  or on and off                                                         FASTING THE

                                                                                                  ENTIRE YEAR.

DHUL-HIJJAH – The first nine days, especially the            EXPIATION FOR TWO

The day of Arafah                                                                   YEARS, PREVIOUS

                                                                                                AND THE NEXT.

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS-                                              OUR ACTIONS ARE

                                                                                                  PRESENTED TO


ON THE 13TH, 14TH, & 15TH OF                                        IT IS LIKE FASTING

EACH  ISLAMIC MONTH                                              FOR THE  WHOLE YEAR.    

Forbidden days to fast 1. A married woman should not fast voluntarily without her husband’s permission 2.It is prohibited to fast on the Day of Eid al Fitr and the eid al Edha and the three days followiong eid al edha total 4 days, these are days of tashreeq 3, It is prohibited to fast on a day of doubt, which means that if there are people celebrating eid al fitr or eid al edha in your city or town and there are people who are not celebrating then this day is day of doubt. 4. It is prohibited to single out Friday or Saturday to fast except if these are the 13th, 14th and 15th of the Islamic month and you usually fast on those days or the Day of Ashura or the Day of Arafah falls on those two days. 5. It is prohibited to fast every day of the year. 5. It is prohibited to fast continously without breaking your fast.   

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