What say About Culture Vs. Islam

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and peace
and blessings be upon His messenger
Islamic teachings are based upon the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). The proof to this statement is from: 1st. The last sermon of the Prophet(pbuh) in which he said” I am leaving with you two things The Qur’an and my sunnah and whoever will hold onto these two things will not go astray.2 nd Prophet( pbuh) said “There will be 73 sects among my ummah but all will go to the Hell fire, except one, the one who will follow the Qur’an and my sunnah.

The proof is clear, but it is very disturbing to see that many Muslims are following the traditions of their culture or their elders. Following are few
Culture: Some Muslims believe, they are not worthy to ask Allah Almighty directly so they ask the dead pious
Muslims to ask Allah Almighty for them (some Muslims even ask the dead directly).
Islam: It is prohibited to ask the dead or to ask them to make du’a for you, not even to our Prophet(pbuh). It was only permissible when he(pbuh) was alive. Allah (Almighty) says “Oh Mohammad when they ask about me, I am
closer than their jugular vein( 50:16)
Culture: Some Muslims believe, covering women’s hair, qimar or hijab, in front of marriageable men is traditional.
Islam: It is mandatory for a Muslim adult woman to cover herself in front of marriageable men, from head to toe,
except face, and hands ,in loose, opaque, non- resembling to men or typical of other faiths
Culture: Many Muslims call themselves as sunnis, shias, hanifis, malikis, etc.
Islam: Allah (Almighty) gave us a name “MUSLIM” and we should only say that we are Muslims. (3:64)
Culture: Women are prohibited to attend the funeral prayers or going to the cemetery.
Islam: Women are allowed in both cases.

Culture: After a Muslim’s death, family make Qura’nic recitation gatherings on the 3 rd , 10 th , 40 th anniversary.
Islam: It is prohibited to organize such gathering on these specific days. However, Quranic recitation
could be done individually on any days.
Culture: Organizing gatherings of “Milad” or “Maulid” to show love for the Prophet(pbuh)
Islam: To show true love for our Prophet(pbuh) is in practicing his teachings not from these
gatherings. The companions or their followers never had such gatherings.
Culture: Parents force their children into marriage.
Islam: Forced marriages are invalid.
Culture: Muslims keep hand-drawn paintings and statues of humans and animals at home.
Islam: It is prohibited because, the angel of mercy will not enter any such homes.(Bukhari)
Culture: Some Muslims do not allow marriages in certain Islamic months-Safar, Muharram
Islam: It is permissible to get married in any Islamic month. A’isha may Allah be pleased with her got
married in Safar.
Culture: Iblis is an angel.
Islam: He is a jinn made from smokeless fire. It is mentioned in the (Quran 7:12, and (18: 50)
Culture: Muslims men & women can marry any non-Muslims.
Islam: Muslim men can only marry a Muslim, Christian or Jewish women, but Muslim women can
only marry a Muslim man
Culture: Some Muslims, after meeting someone, say ”Khuda Hafiz or Allah Hafiz”
Islam: It is un-Islamic. One must say a minimum of ”As’salamu Alykum”
Lastly, I ask my brothers and sisters to carefully check their Islamic beliefs and practices
and bring them in accordance with the Qur’an and the sunnah.

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