In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. All Praise and Thanks are due to Allah and peace and
blessings be upon His messenger.
Prayer/Salah/Namaz is the second pillar of Islam after Shahadah. It is MANDATORY upon every adult, sane Muslim, man and woman, even when you’re sick, suffers from urinary incontinence, gas problem, istihaadah (irregular non-menstrual bleeding), on the road, on a ship or in an airplane and not only during Ramadan or when going through a hardship. Unfortunately, many Muslims don’t take this obligation seriously. Performing your daily prayers will give you many benefits in this life and the Hereafter.

Benefits in this World :
-performing your 5 daily prayers will keep your body and clothing pure
-it’ll make you time punctual

  • it’ll keep you connected with your Creator
    -it’ll keep you from evil thoughts and actions
  • Allah(SWT) says in the Qur’an “Salah is difficult, but it is good for you
    -it’ll give you inner peace
  • it’ll help you overcome your anxiety and depression
    -it’ll give you inner strength to deal with wordly problems
    Benefits in the Hereafter:
  • neglecting your Salah, out of laziness, is one of the most heinous SINS in Islam
  • denying its obligation will put one out of the fold of Islam
  • on the Day of Judgment, the first thing that will be looked upon will be your Salah, if it is
    accepted then all your deeds will be accepted and if it is not, then all your deeds will be
  • if you pray, it’ll benefit you and not Allah(SWT) and if you don’t, it’ll harm you and not Allah(SWT)
    -ask Allah (SWT) to make it easy for you
    -read this book to know the authentic way of performing your prayers”Make Wudu & Salah
    like the Prophet by Muhammad S. Adly or go to any masjid for help
  • start with just one, the easiest one, and then slowly add the next and the next one and within
    few weeks you will be doing all five with ease Insha’Allah
    -start only with Fard and when you feel comfortable add Sunnah(remember, if you don’t pray
    sunnah it is not a sin, but you don’t get the reward, but if you don’t pray fard, it is a sin)
    -keep the prayer rug open in your room, it’ll be a reminder to pray
    -encourage your spouse, children to pray and try to do in congregation, at home or in the
    masjid. You only need two people to form a Congregation and the reward is 27 times more
    than praying alone
    Lastly, if you are still not convinced to pray, then read what Allah(SWT) says in the Qur’an”
    Each one is a hostage to one’s deeds, save the people of the right hand, who shall be in the
    gardens, and shall ask about the guilty ones, “What drove you to hell?, they will say” We were
    NOT among those who observed prayer.”(Qur’an 74:38-43)
    P.S. For urinary incontinence(place a piece of cloth under your private part), gas problem and
    istihaadah (irregular non-menstrual bleeding) you must do a fresh wudu before each salah and

don’t worry what happened during your salah.

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